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A word from our CEO

Mami Arimura

Thank you for taking some time to look at our website. We at Minori Legal Consulting Office help foreigners setting-up their life in Japan and making the immigration procedures a lot easier for everybody.


According to a study done by the Bureau of General Affairs, there are approximately 440,000 people from other countries currently living in Tokyo. This is four times the amount of foreigners since 1985, the year I was born. Due to several project issued by the Ministry of Education, the number of foreigners has since increased at a rapid rate.

The Japanese population is unfortunately showing alarming signs of birth rates declining, while the aging rates steadily on the rise. These facts make it essential for Japanese people to live harmoniously with foreigners and to keep up to speed with the ever growing competition with other countries. Many Japanese people have already begun to realize that they cannot ignore this reality anymore.


Despite this need to coexist with foreigners, the Immigration system in Japan hasn't got much more flexible over the past few years and it's still difficult for foreigners to establish their life here without going throught all the stress and hassle of the Japanese Immigration procedure. Thus, most of the procedures are in Japanese, putting another wall in front of most foreigners...


We understand this frustration and that is why we want to ensure that the whole process runs smoothly and advise you at key stages, prepare your documents, lodge the application and follow up with the authorities. We provide outstanding personal service with our flexible approach and will ensure that our immigration solutions are tailored to meet your needs!


Minori Legal Consulting Office's goal is to continue to establish a global society where people can continue to live together and meet each other without fear or regard to nationality.


CEO and Licensed Immigration-Lawyer at

Minori Legal Consulting Office

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Minori Legal Consulting Office

Arimura Mami

Immigration Specialist

2-25-11 Okubo, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

TEL: 070-6450-2221


AM10:00 ~ PM7:00

The Association of Gyousei-Shoshi Lawyers in Japan

The Association of Gyousei-Shoshi Lawyers in Tokyo

The Tokyo Immigration Bureau


(有村 真実)

​/ Administrative lawyer

FAX: 03-6736-0674

(Closed on Tuesdays)

Tokyo city government N.14080694

October 2014

01. Immigration procedures

02. Visas/Permissions

03. Naturalization

04. Establishing a company in Japan

05. Business License & Permission

06. Legal advice on office routine

07. Wills

08. Inheritance

09. Official document translation

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