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Whether it is your intention to work, invest, study or to join a family member here in Japan, our bi-lingual licensed Immigration Lawyer certified by the Japanese Government will handle your case in coordination with the Tokyo Immigration Bureau. We offer many different kind of services to meet your exact needs. We make a point to find only the perfect tailored solution for our customers at the best rate possible!

Our standard services include visa consultation, coordination and preparation of application related documents, Japanese translations of standard documents provided in English, submitting the actual application on your behalf at the Immigration Office, following up on the status of your application and receiving the result on your behalf.


The first consultation by Email is FREE of charge.

Please feel free to contact us with as much information as possible about your case. From there, we will determine what options are available to you and to see how we can help you. This could lead to 2-3 exchanges of email to clarify your situation.

After some exchanges through email, we could meet in person to discuss further. The fee for the first face-to-face consultation is 5,000 yen. This will be deducted from our fee if you are to use our services in the future to apply for a visa.

No face-to-face consultation fee will be required if you are already using our services, since all the consultation are included in the package.


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・For any Change of Status or Extension of Stay, a ¥5,000 revenue stamp will have to be purchased once the visa is approved.

・For Permanent Resident, a ¥8,000 revenue stamp will have to be purchased once the visa is approved.

・Visa fees are NON-REFUNDABLE if the visa application is refused, or in exceptional cases, if it takes longer to process.


Processing period is different from each applicant and application based on his/her circumstance. There are some cases that will take several months after appling to Immigration Bureau.


Here is the basic flowchart for any procedure:

First Inquiry

You can contact us first either by email (via our form here) or by phone.

Kindly give us as much as information as possible about your current situation and what kind of service you would like to request. We will schedule an apointment for a first consultation and prepare some documents in advance for your better understanding of the procedure.

Initial Consultation

During the first face-to-face consultation, we will help you to find out whether you satify the requirement or not for the service you are requesting. If not, we will give you relevant suggestions and solutions. We will explain in detail how we are going to proceed for the application and any details left at your request. Before agreeing to be retained, we will provide an estimate of the total costs.


Inquiry about setting up a company is welcome for those wishing to acquire a Business Manager visa.

Prepare for the application

We'll prepare the application to submit to the Immigration Office. We'll also take care making any necessary official documents and translations. For any complicated situation, we'll write an official letter in Japanese to explain in detail your situation to the Immigration Officer.


We will make a list of all the necessary documents during the Initial Consultation. In case that the applicant is in a difficult and complicated situation, our Immigration Lawyer will consult with the Immigration Office in advance in order to find out the best way to apply.


For people who wish to apply for a Business Manager visa, sufficient preparation on their side will be necessary, such as providing a business plan and so on. We will assist you and give you some  advices about it, so you don’t need to worry about what supporting documents you have to prepare for.

Payment of the total fees

Once all the documents and forms are ready to submit on our side, we will send you the invoice for the payment of the total fees. 


The payment can be made in Cash, Local Bank Transfer or Credit Card online.

✴︎ An additional 3,25% online payment fee will be required if you choose to pay by credit card.

Submit your application to the Immigration

We will submit the application to the Immigration Office on your behalf. Your presence is not necessary so please relax and leave it to us.


Before submitting your application to the Immigration Office, we will confirm with you all the detail of the application we made. You will affix your signature/stamp to the application form and give your passport and residence card to our licensed immigration lawyer.


We will deal with any additional documents in case the Immigration Office requires or requests. Our licensed immigration lawyer will attend you in case the Immigration Office asks you for an interview (very rare case).

Receiving the results/Certificate of Eligibility

The Immigration Office will send us a notice of your permission when the screening is over. We will retrieve the documents from the Immigration Office and hand you back everything (passport, residence card, visa, COE, etc.) during our final meeting.


Please be aware that the processing period at the Immigration Office is different for each applicant, the application being based on his/her own individual situation.


Please be aware that your application will be denied in case the Immigration Bureau finds out that you committed a fraud and misrepresent a material fact. This would make you permanently ineligible. So do not attempt to misrepresent or commit a fraud to your licensed immigration lawyer. If you have something to worry about, please feel free to consult us and release your anxiety. We will help you and try to find out what to do.

Contact us now.
​The first consultation is FREE of charge!
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