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A foreign national who resides in Japan wishes to change the activity differ from the current activity permitted, must receive permission for change of status of residence for the new activity.


For example, this permission is required when you find a job in Japan after graduation from a Japanese University or Language School (Student visa), or when you have got married to a Japanese or a permanent resident.


Here is few other examples of cases where the Permission to Change the Status of Residence is required:


● You married a Japanese national and want to change your Temporary Visa (Tourist) to a Spouse of Japanese National Visa.

● You are currently working (Working Visa) and are planning to open your own business (Investor/Business Manager Visa).

● You want to divorce your Japanese spouse and change the status of residence to a Long Term Resident Visa.

● Etc.


ATTENTION> If you are planning to change to a Permanent Residency, please refer to our Permanent Residency page instead. 


The change of Status of Residence should be done from any changes in the applicant's resident status up until the applicant's resident status expires.


Change of Status of Residence

Any Visas


Change of Status of Residence

Business Manager Visa


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Necessary documents for the application

- Application form (provided either by the Immigration Office or Minori Legal Consulting Office)

- Identity photo (4cm×3cm)

- A copy of your passport (Identity page)

- A copy of your Residence Card (both sides)

- A document that describes the activities you would like to engage in and a statement of your reasons

- A certificate for your new activity (proof of employment, working contract, etc.)

If you want to work after being a student in Japan, a graduation certificate, a certificate of registered matters of your new company and its statutory record would be necessary. Supporting documents which certify experience and/or qualification (ex: diploma) would also be requested.

Necessary documents varies depending on which Status of Residence the applilcant wishes to aquire. Please refer to the pages of each Status of Residence for the details of all the necessary documents for each type.


Please be aware that documents and materials which have been submitted will not be returned to you. If you have submitted any original copy of documents or materials which would be difficult for you to re-obtain, and would like to have them returned to you, please notify us in advance when you file your application.

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