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In order to work or study in Japan for a long-term, foreign nationals living outside Japan have to apply for Certification of Eligibility (COE) of specific Status of Residence before they come to Japan. It is also necessary if you are intending to invite a worker from abroad to Japan to employ him/her, or a member of your family to live together in Japan.

The Certificate of Eligibility is issued by the Regional Immigration Bureau in Japan, and it has the advantage of reducing the time required to obtain a visa and complete immigration procedures. It usually takes approximately one to three months for the certificate to be issued after application. This period varies depending on the condition and current situation of the applicant. Please also note that the certificate will expire three months after the date of issue, so it is necessary to use it as soon as possible once you get it.

The application requires that you have a company (work permit) or a family member (family permit) who accepts hosting you in Japan before applying for it. Since the applicant is normally still living outside of Japan yet, the hosting company/family will be have to submit the application at the Immigration Office of their jurisdiction on behalf of the applicant. Applicant should submit necessary documents well in advance so that the applicant may receive the certificate before entering Japan.

It is quite difficult for the hosting company/family to understand wheter the applicant is qualified for any specific Status of Residence as well as what documents should be submitted to the Immigration Office. Therefore, Minori Legal Consulting Office is here to assist you for the whole procedure and submitting the application to the Immigration Office.


Application for Certificate of Eligibility

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Application for Certificate of Eligibility

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Flowchart for getting the Certificate of Eligibility

1. Find a company/school or have a family member in Japan. Make sure that the qualitifcations and past experience of the applicant are applicable to one of the Status of Residence.


2. Prepare the COE's application form and all the necessary documents.


3. Submiting the application at the Immigration Office.


4. Immigration’s Investigation (1 to 3 months).


5. The Certificate of Eligibility is issued.


6. The Certificate of Eligibility will have to be picked up directly at the Immigration Office in Japan and sent to the applicant in their country of residence.


7. Once the Certificate arrives, the applicant will need to submit the visa application form, along with the COE, to their closest Japan Embassy/Consulate in their country. The COE is valid only for a period of 3 months after its issuance, so please be sure to apply for a visa before the due date.


8. Visa issuance. The applicant can now travel to Japan and receive a Japanese Residence Card at the airport when entering the country.

Necessary documents for the application

- Application form (provided either by the Immigration Office or Minori Legal Consulting Office)

- Identity photo (4cm×3cm)

- A copy of your passport (Identity page)

- Supporting documents which certify experience and/or qualification of the applicant (diploma) *in case of work permit*

Necessary documents varies depending on which Status of Residence the applilcant wishes to aquire. Please refer to the pages of each Status of Residence for the details of all the necessary documents for each type.


Please be aware that documents and materials which have been submitted will not be returned to you. If you have submitted any original copy of documents or materials which would be difficult for you to re-obtain, and would like to have them returned to you, please notify us in advance when you file your application.

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