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The Highly Skilled Professional visa is based on a visa system that gives preference to the people who would be beneficial to Japan. There are 3 categories in this system:


(A) Advanced Academic Research Activities

Activities regarding academic research and instruction of the research based on a contract between private/public organizations in Japan, including activities regarding business management and operations.


(B) Advanced Specialized / Technical Activities

Activities which requires knowledge and skills in the field of Humanities and/or Natural Sciences based on a contract between private/public organizations in Japan, including activities regarding sales and planning as well as business management and operations.


(C) Advanced Business Management Activities

Activities to engage in the management and operation of for-profit entity of Japanese organizations and companies. Different from "Investor visa", the activities of management regarding business based on Japanese investment can be included.


For each category, the point system includes categories of academic achievement, work experience, annual income and other factors, to calculate the total points for a particular person.



(1) Grant of the “5 years” period of stay

Immigration Office grants “5 years” of period of stay to every foreign nationals under "Highly Skilled Professionals" visa status.


(2) Permission for multiple purposes of activities

Highly Skilled Professionals may engage in multiple activities: they may work as a specialist in some kind of researches/studies as well as a manager of the related organization.


(3) Easing the requirements for permanent residence

Foreign nationals who have engaged in activities as Highly Skilled Professionals in Japan for approximately 5 years are eligible to obtain a permission for Permanent Residence.


(4) Preferential processing of entry and residence procedures

The application for Highly Skilled Professionals will be processed preferentially and will be completed faster than normal. 10 business days will be necessary for a COE, 5 buiness days for a Change of Status of Residence and Extension of Period of Stay.


(5) Permission to work for the spouse of Highly Skilled Professional

The spouse of Highly Skilled Professionals may engage in activities in the field of the Status of Residence such as Instructor, Engineer, Specialist in Humanities/International Services, but limited to the case of following: 1) the spouse should live together with Highly skilled professional, 2) he/she should receive a salary equivalent to that of Japanese in the same field.


(6) Permission for the parents to accompany the Highly Skilled Professional to Japan

Parents of a highly skilled foreign professional or his/her spouse is allowed to enter and stay in Japan subject to conditions as following:


- In case the parent will take care of a child younger than 7 years of age of the highly skilled foreign professional or his/her spouse.

- In case the parent will take care of a pregnant highly skilled foreign professional or to a pregnant spouse of a highly skilled foreign professional.


(7) Permission for a domestic worker to accompany the Highly Skilled Professional

Highly Skilled Professionals may bring a foreign domestic worker to Japan subject to certain conditions:


- In case that Highly Skilled Professional continuously employs a domestic worker who has been employed by him/her in a foreign country.

- In case that Highly Skilled Professional employs a domestic worker not falling under (1) above because of their situation.

Criteria & Requirements

(1) The applicant and his/her intended activities in Japan shall be classified as one of the Status of Residence as following:


Professor|Artist|Religious Activities|Journalist|Investor/Business Manager | Legal/Accounting Services|Medical Services|Researcher|Instructor|Engineer | Specialist in Humanities / International Services|Intra-Company|Transferee|Entertainer|Skilled Labor


(2) The applicant shall fall under one of the 3 categories as Highly Skilled Professional based on his/her activities in Japan.


(3) The applicant has to mark more than 70 points based on the counting table of the category which he/she belongs to.


To calculate your points, you can use the official Excel file provided by the Immigration Bureau via the following link:

​Period of Stay

Period of Stay in each case shall be designated by the Immigration Office. The period must be 5 years.


If you wish to stay more years under the same Status of Residence you already have, you can apply for renewing your visa 3 months before the expiration of the period of stay.

Necessary documents for the application

You are required to prepare supporting documents which can certify that the contents of the application are true and correct. Supporting documents varies depending on the situation of each applicant and the employer. However, the following items would definitely be necessary:

Evidence of the applicant’s experience and qualification

⚫︎ Resume, CV

⚫︎ Documents which certify educational experience (Diploma, Certificate of Graduate)

⚫︎ Documents which certify your work experience (Certificate of Employment)

⚫︎ Documents which certify your qualification (JLPT Certificate, etc.)

Evidence of the applicant’s activities in Japan and terms of employment

⚫︎ Documents which certify the employment and salary while the applicant stays in Japan (Employment Agreement/Contract, Certificate of Employment, etc.)

Evidence of the employer

⚫︎ Company's Brochure/Leaflet

⚫︎ Certificate of Company’s Registered Matters of the Company

⚫︎ Financial Statements for the past fiscal year* 

* In case of a new company: 1-year Business Plan, Notification of the establishment of salary payment office, Payment slip for Withholding Tax (past 3 months) or Application for Payment of Withholding Income Tax on a Semiannual

Evidence of for calculating your points

The points are assessed after your application, so that you have to prepare certificates of proof for them. You need to prepare copies of any relevant certificates for your claims. Please be aware that if you do not have any documents of proof, this part of claim would not be assessed under this point system. To ease the assessor's understanding, it is necessary to explain the relevance of any awards mentioned. The relevance of any academic papers should also be explained. It is necessary to have the explanations in Japanese.


- For your academic background, you must prepare the academic certificates.

- For your work history, you need to prepare certificates such as a work certificate and leave of work certificate.

- For your annual income, if you are already earning income in Japan, you should use the certificates of your tax payment and taxation certificates issued by your Japanese municipality office (the assessable annual income is based on the Japanese Income Tax Act and may differ from your total annual salary).


To have a smooth assessment of your application using this point system, it is important to supply explanatory documents in Japanese with your application. After submitting your application, you may be asked to submit additional documents in Japanese. It is important to make it very clear in your documentation to your claim that you have the benchmark of 70 points or more under this system. You will need to provide proofs of your claims, and also explain clearly how your documents prove your case in Japanese. We at MINORI OFFICE will take care providing all the Japanese translations and letters for your case so you won't have anything to worry!

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