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Foreigners with a Student visa are normally not allowed to engage in a full time paid activity in Japan. However, they may be allowed to work as a part-time worker if a permission is granted by the Immigration Bureau. 


A Dependent visa (Family permit) or a Cultural Activities visa also does not permit you to work. However, if the work does not interfere with the primary purpose of your stay stipulated by the Status of Residence, then it is possible to work part time by applying for a Permit for Other Activities at the Immigration Bureau of Japan.


For example, this permission is usually granted when a student works within a limited time so far as his part time job doesn't have disturbing influence on his study, and when a spouse of foreign employee start to work as a professional interpreter or translator as a secondary activity.


Usually, Students may apply for this permission before their employers are found, while those with a Dependent visa may apply after their employers are decided.


You may be allowed to work within limited hours shown below if this permission is duly granted:


- Students:

Less than 28 hours a week and less than 8 hours a day during vacation

- Dependents: 

Less than 28 hours a week basically with some exception depending case by case.


Extraordinary circumstances such as receiving a fee as a lecturer at a lecture meeting or a fee for making an appearance on TV would not require a permit.


Please note that it is illegal for Student or Dependent visa holders to engage in any paid activity without this permission or any activity connected to night entertainment or sexual services. This will be subjected of deportation.


Permission to engage in Unauthorised Activity

When using our other services


Permission to engage in Unauthorised Activity

When requesting for the permission alone


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Necessary documents for the application

- Application form (provided by the Immigration Office or Minori Legal Consulting Office)

- Your Passport

- Your Residence Card

- Supporting documents that proves the intended activity (only for Dependent visa)

Please be aware that documents and materials which have been submitted will not be returned to you. If you have submitted any original copy of documents or materials which would be difficult for you to re-obtain, and would like to have them returned to you, please notify us in advance when you file your application.

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