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Foreign nationals who married to a Japanese Permanent Resident, those who were born as a child of Japanese Permanent Resident or those who were adopted to Japanese Permanent Resident will acquire the status of residence called "Spouse or Child of Permanent Resident" in order to reside in Japan.


Holders of this visa are permitted to engage in all types of work, with no restrictions on work type or working hours (or may choose not to work if being supported or if there are other means of supporting his/her living). Under this visa, it is possible to apply for permanent residency earlier than work visa holders. This status of residence will be granted for periods of one or five years and is extendable, as long as you are married.

Criteria & Requirements

The Immigration Office will grant you the "Spouse or Child of Permanent Resident" visa for the following people:


- Foreigners who legally get married to Japanese Permanent Residents


- Children of Japanese Permanent Residents


- Foreign children adopted by Japanese Permanent Residents in accordance with the provisions of Article 817-2 of the Civil Code (by special adoption)

​Period of Stay

Period of Stay in each case shall be designated by the Immigration Office. The period must be either of 5 years, 3 years, 1 year, 6 months.


If you wish to stay more years under the same Status of Residence you already have, you can apply for renewing your visa 3 months before the expiration of the period of stay.

Necessary documents for the application

You are required to prepare supporting documents which can certify that the contents of the application are true and correct. Supporting documents varies depending on the situation of each applicant. However, the following items would definitely be necessary:

In case the applicant is a spouse of a Permanent Resident

● Documents certifying the personal relationship between the Applicant and the Permanent Resident

● Copies of the Permanent Resident’s registration certificate or the passport

● Documents certifying the profession and income of the Permanent Resident or the Applicant

● A letter of guarantee from the Permanent Resident

● Two passport-size photos

You must prove that your marriage is legally official, truth and real. Please keep in mind that the required documents mentionned above are minimum, and further documents might be required by the Immigration Office. Please make sure that the documents you submit are sufficient in terms of quality and quantity. Whatever you state in the submission documents will be recorded in your file at the Immigration Office for future reference. You must avoid making contradictory statement.

In case the applicant is a child or adopted child of a Permanent Resident

● Certificate to prove the family relationship with the applicant and the parents (birth certificate or birth registration acceptance certificate, family register, recognition certificate, adoption certificate, etc.)

● Copies of the Permanent Resident’s registration certificate or passport.

● Documents certifying the profession and income of the Applicant or her mother or father

● A letter of guarantee from the Permanent Resident or from another person living in Japan

● Two passport-size photos

- Any certificate among supporting documents has to be issued within 3 months before the date of application.

- English translation written in foreign languages other than English would be necessary.︎ 

- Additional documents may be required during the examination of Immigration Office.

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