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If you are planning to change your job with another employer, or if you are being promoted or changed to another position within your current company, but you are not sure that your new position will fall under the same kind of activity allowed by your current Status of Residence (visa), we strongly suggest you to apply for a Certificate of Authorized Employment. 


This certificate is issued by the Immigration Bureau and will proove that your new job falls under the same kind of activity allowed by your Status of Residence.


For example, if you changed your type of activity or company during your current visa period without reporting it to the Immigration Bureau, there may be a high risk that your visa extension will not be approved. You have to check whether you may stay in Japan under the same visa. In that case, that's when you have to apply for a Certificate of Authorized Employment to the Immigration Bureau.


Once you obtain this certificate, there will be no concern about your eligibility to work under the new employer and your visa extension will be approved more smoothly!


However, if you are planning to change your job to an entirely differeny type of activity (e.g: English Interpreter => IT), you will be requested to proceed with a Change of Status of Residence instead.


Certificate of Authorized Employment

Any Visas


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Necessary documents for the application

 Application form (provided by the Immigration Office or Minori Legal Consulting Offic)

- Identity photo (4cm×3cm)

- Your Passport

- Your Residence Card

Few documents from your new company will be requested such as a certificate of the registered matters of the company, financial statements of the company, a certificate of employment describing your position in the company, etc. The most you can provide, the most smooth the procedure will go.


Please be aware that documents and materials which have been submitted will not be returned to you. If you have submitted any original copy of documents or materials which would be difficult for you to re-obtain, and would like to have them returned to you, please notify us in advance when you file your application.

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